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August 24, 2009

Miracle Mineral Solutions * Used externally

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This article was designed to pass on information to people interested in ‘experimenting’ with the usage of Miracle Mineral Solutions, a water purification solution, with DMSO.

From the article “Suggestions for Using DMSO as a Carrier for MMS

“DMSO has been used since 1950 by doctors as a carrier that enables various drugs or chemicals to be rubbed into the skin and into muscles. Blood flowing through muscle picks up the drug or chemical which then circulates in the liquid of the blood: The plasma.

DMSO is the official name for Dimethylsulfoxide. It is available in some drug stores and can be ordered HERE


A suggested plan for use

Dr. Kehr, a scientist in Utah first posted the concept of activating 8 to 10 drops Miracle Mineral Solutions and then adding DMSO to it for penetration through the skin. When the need arises to push Miracle Mineral Solutions into the body without drinking it, then this mixture can simply be vigorously rubbed on the skin with bare hands. The Miracle Mineral Solutions that produces the ClO2 gas would move through skin into muscles and further into blood plasma.

A number of Miracle Mineral Solutions users have tried this strategy with success.

You can review the web site at New Cancer Treatment to learn how this strategy can be used by people, diagnosed as having cancer. In its latest update, the site has become more complex with detailed explanations of how cancer cells can be restored back to normal cells: In large part by using the Miracle Mineral Solutions/DMSO mix. It is good reading for clinic owners and others who may find reassurance that this is not just a theoretical idea.

The Miracle Mineral Solutions/DMSO mixture, when rubbed onto large leg or arm muscles, kills more pathogens and does it faster than using a few drops of Miracle Mineral Solutions, as a water purifying agent, because the plasma circulates the ClO2 gas in a different way.

Users can rub DMSO/MMS onto skin and large muscles thus augmenting and speeding the killing of viruses and pathogens. If bad nausea occurs then the DMSO/MMS levels must be lowered to stay just under the nausea barrier.



1. Prepare a normal mix of 8 Miracle Mineral Solutions * MMS drops activated with 40 drops of citric acid or fresh lemon juice. Swirl and wait three minutes for the activation to occur.

2. Add ½ teaspoon of DMSO and three to four teaspoons of distilled water.

3. If You are using the schedule recommended by Dr. Kehryour you must commit to the 5-day schedule he has designed.

4. Avoid use of colloidal silver before and during these treatments because the MMS will be spent and wasted in eliminating the heavy metal (silver) which will be found throughout the body.

5. If you’re not dealing with cancer then you can simply lift the MMS/DMSO out of the dish and vigorously rub it onto the skin with bare hands. While the large leg muscles and arm muscles are good places to rub, most people report that fluid is left over so they rub it on the neck, back, and elsewhere until it is all used.

6. This process can be repeated. Allow two hours or more to separate the applications. Watch for signs of nausea and reduce the MMS doses if it appears.

You must avoid Vitamin C and anti-oxidants the entire day/s of these treatments.


Ally * Alison Lee Cousland


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All Round Health and Healing,Health and Healing,Miracle Mineral Solutions,Project Green Life Products

April 30, 2009

Miracle Mineral Solutions as UNIVERSAL Flu Deterrent.

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Miracle Mineral Solutions: As a Universal Flu Deterrent.

This extract was taken from Jim Humble’s Website

New Flu Variants are being reported on television and in newspapers with dire warnings that we may face a global pandemic.

Miracle Mineral Solutions: MMS is a water purifying agent and a broad-spectrum germicidal agent. Unlike antibiotics or vaccines, activated MMS (chlorine dioxide) is pathogen-cidal without regard to strains or evolving variants of Flu viruses  This opinion is based on the chemistry and behavior of activated MMS when it’s used according to the usual protocol.

You can use Miracle Mineral Solutions both as a preventative and as a remedy against any Flu. The method of using MMS against any Flu is to repeat this procedure every hour.


Suggested procedure from Jim Humble

Miracle Mineral Solutions as UNIVERSAL Flu Deterrent.

1. In a cup or glass mix 1 drop of MMS with 5 drops of fresh lemon juice or activating agent. Swirl and wait three minutes for activation to be completed.

2. Add ½ glass of water or juice that does not have added ascorbic acid or vitamin C. Drink this whole amount as quickly as possible.

3. If you felt absolutely no change during this first hour, go ahead and go to 2 drops on the second hour. Always use 5 drops of activator for each drop of MMS, and of course, the three minute wait. Go to 3 drops on the third hour if you have not felt any change ie you have not experienced any nausea.

Nausea is not bad: Only indicative that the MMS is killing pathogens. But do not cause nausea by taking more MMS than is necessary.  Keep in mind that most people will not go over 3 or 4 drops an hour before they begin to feel nausea.

4. Continue for 12 hours. The Flu should be gone by the end of 12 hours: however, do not stop taking MMS until you are sure that you have recovered.

5. Continue to take a 2 – 4  drop dose twice a day for the next week or two.

A number of people die each year from influenza and other typical Flu viruses but those events are rarely classified as an “epidemic” or health emergency.


Vaccine critics argue that:

1. It’s very contradictory to state that Swine Flu is quite unlike any Flu virus seen before, while at the same time promoting millions of stockpiled vaccine vials, manufactured months or years prior to any given outbreak. If a new strand of virus is “new and different” then older vaccines will probably be useless.

2. Most vaccines are preserved not only with mercury but also with aluminum ie heavy metals that scientists claim are harmful in the long-term to nerves, glands and the brain.

However Miracle Mineral Solutions has been in daily use by at least 230,000 individuals since its public release in 2006 and no-one has died from its use * Even in overdosing by mistake LOL.

Miracle Mineral Solutions is attracted to viruses because it seeks to extract electrons out of the walls of ALL pathogens, causing them to implode. Swine Flu viruses have electrons to give up and MMS will never know that this particular virus was a slightly different viral strain to any other.

For further information, go to

Disclaimer: This page provides information about Miracle Mineral Solutions.  MMS is a well known mineral-salt in solution. The information provided here is not a substitute for help from a licensed professional who can diagnose, treat and give medical advice.


Ally * Alison Lee Cousland


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