Floating in an Ocean of Bliss

This article is a summary of an article: Floating in an Ocean of Bliss that first appeared on the Compumatrix Blog on January 9, 2014. It was written in response to a beautiful comment to my previous article: ‘World Kindness Day’ by Adele Bosman.

Adele wrote about simply being yourself: 

‘Kindness needs so little effort if we can drop competition and comparison ~ The lotuses bloom so beautifully because they have not heard the legends about other flowers.’

Relaxation: A key to our true potential.  

Most of us, if not all of us, conditioned by the circumstances we were born into, develop the habit of comparing many aspects of ourselves to others ~ Our physical, emotional, mental self, our material world, even our spiritual growth ~ Which in most cases has the effect of limiting our true potential so that gradually we become discontent, stressed and in the end vulnerable to illness.

As we learn and practice going beyond this deception, our awareness increases, creativity is enhanced and we start to relax more into just ‘being ourselves’ ~ We become more content with who we are, more tolerant, compassionate and at ease in all situations, and tend to lead healthier and happier lives ~ Which also has an impact on all life around us.

There are many natural healing modalities and schools of martial arts, yoga, meditation, philosophy and spiritual teachings with practitioners and teachers that can gently guide us in our search for the equilibrium of our true Self.  There are also many self help programs, videos and books galore that can explain and demonstrate an array of relaxation techniques and exercises.

We may also have our own ways to find the inner peace that comes with relaxation. The ‘poem’ My Cup of Abundance was an attempt to describe an experience of relaxation deepening that I had: Floating in the salt water harbour side pool at Northbridge.

My Cup of Abundance: As it appeared originally ~ Shaped as a cup.


My Cup of Abundance

Drifting with gentle currents: Little by little turning ~ Rotating.

My orientation: Drifting ~ Out and in ~ Drifting ~ Going & coming back.

Feeling buoyant: Recalling recent conversation: Consider Non-resistance.

Lying as still as possible ~ Letting gentle waves lift & support my falling.

Bobbing: Upon undulating waves. Feeling each & every pitch variation.

At one: Arms submerged ~ Legs submerged ~ Face (almost) submerged.

Hair merging ~ Swaying softly ~ Recalling seaweed combed by ripples.

Chest expanding/contracting: Being raised ~ Sinking  down again.

Each breath: The letting go ~ The relaxation ~ The deepening.

Feeling my entire body: Feeling a wholeness.

Feeling the sun’s brilliant Light.

Seeing: Crimson, orange and gold.

Feeling the cool breeze: Feeling warm.

Feeling connected: Body ~ Water ~ Sun ~ Air.

Feeling safe: The support of being held: The faith ~ The trust.

Feeling: Inner peace ~ Contentment ~ Joy ~ Beauty ~ Gratefulness.

Feeling: Time to come back again ~ Energized ~ Happy ~ Confident.

Understanding my direction for 2015: See & let all limitations dissolve.


Raising my Cup of Abundance

2015 will be a very exciting year for all Compumatrix members.

See the value in everything that has taken shape in your life. The value of all your efforts and contribution to life. So that your Cup of Abundance will be filled to overflowing with love and kindness ~ For your family, your friends, your fellow humankind ~ And of course yourself.

We dance spiraling around each other. 

The featured image is one of my original photographs, shared on my Tumblr Blog in a Photoset: Gardenia and Bougainvillea floating in water.

The Northbridge Pool

An icon since 1924 of the Sydney area that I live in: The Northbridge Pool is often referred to by the ‘regulars’ as ‘A hidden jewel.’

Just last summer my friend Sylvia and I became ‘regulars’ and with very few exceptions swim laps twice a week, in the 50 meter open salt water swimming pool at Northbridge,

Alison Lee Cousland is a contemporary artist and designer, with interests in natural health & healing: ecological & sustainable living: blogging & social media.

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Alison’s section on the Compumatrix Forum: ‘Alison’s Corner’ addresses different topics related to social media on the Compumatrix Social Network as well as social media and social media marketing generally.

World Kindness Day

This article is a summary of an article that was shared on the Compumatrix Blog on World Kindness Day, Thursday November 13, 2014  ~ After an announcement by Henry James Banayat, the Founder and Executive Managing Director of Compumatrix prompted me to find out more about this special day and the humanitarian organization behind it.

What is the World Kindness Movement? 

The objective of the World Kindness Movement is to inspire individuals towards greater kindness and ultimately connect entire nations to create a kinder world.

Individuals of all nations, provinces, states and cities are encouraged by the organization to set up their own kindness movements.

Being an international company with a mission to improve and enhance all life, Compumatrix supported the vision and work of the World Kindness Movement.

The history of the World Kindness Movement ~ A few excerpts from Wiki.

‘The idea of a World Kindness Movement was conceived at a Tokyo conference in 1996 when founders of the Small Kindness Movement in Japan brought together like-minded individuals from around the world who had started kindness movements in their own countries. They were led by Dr. Wataru Mori, a physician in Tokyo, who envisioned that a more compassionate and peaceful world could be achieved if a critical mass of acts of kindness was ignited.’

‘The founding members of the movement were Japan, Singapore, Australia, Canada, Thailand, the United Kingdom and the United States.’

The movement was officially launched in Singapore in November 2000 at the Third World Kindness Movement Conference, hosted by the Singapore Kindness Movement: with the most recent General Assembly being held in Sydney, Australia in September 2014.

The World Kindness Movement in my own country, Australia.

The World Kindness Movement is growing stronger by the day in Australia: The following are just a few excerpts from the Australian Kindness Movement.

‘The purpose of World Kindness Day is to look beyond ourselves, beyond the boundaries of our country, beyond our culture, our race, our religion; and realize we are citizens of the world. As world citizens we have a commonality, and must realize that if progress is to be made in human relations and endeavors, if we are to achieve the goal of peaceful coexistence, we must focus on what we have in common. When we find likenesses we begin to experience empathy, and in such a state we can fully relate to that person or those people.’

What is an ‘Act of Kindness?’

It’s not everyone in day-to-day life who is give the chance to perform extraordinary feats of kindness ~ Or has the time to visit faculties where people may be in need of care and/or companionship. So if you gravitate to the idea of BEing kind but don’t know where to begin, these are just a few simple hints given by the Australian World Kindness Movement that can easily be incorporated into your life :

  1. Walk around your neighborhood and simply observe the miracle of nature. Use the opportunity to greet people and/or animals you encounter along the way.
  2. Smile and laugh more often ~ Regardless of your mood.
  3. Give small tokens of your love: If you don’t have the resources to buy gifts, make them yourself. Give a flower, stone or feather ~ A poem ~ A hug.
  4. Plant flowers and trees. BE kind to the bees ~ They love white, yellow, blue and violet colors in particular.
  5. Leave bowls of water out in your garden ~ For the birds and lizards.

Something to keep in mind. 

We must be realistic. We mustn’t be naive. Kindness movements can’t solve all our problems, but if they can solve some of our problems, why not use them? ~William Wan.

What can I do as a member of Compumatrix?

As an individual, committed to supporting World Peace and Planetary Healing ~ Whilst reflecting on the ideals, aims, applications and growth of the World Kindness Movement, I became aware of a deepening wish to give whatever support I could to World Kindness Day and the Movement generally.

As a founding member of Compumatrix, I realize how generously I have been ‘gifted’ my CompuCeeds ~ And so I felt no hesitation in donating some of them to such a wonderful organisation.

Compumatrix members who already relish an abundance of CompuCeeds and who share my desire to donate some of them to the humanitarian endeavors of the World Kindness Movement will bring much joy to:

  1. Initially ourselves as individuals, in knowing we have contributed to something truly worthy of our gesture ~ Regardless of how much we are able to give at this stage.
  2. All the members of Compumatrix, when through this event they are given a genuine example of how well we can ‘work’ together for a legitimate and compassionate purpose.
  3. Henry James Banayat as a inimitable human being, who has benevolently offered to match the total CompuCeed donation made by Compumatrix members.
  4. Compumatrix as a WHOLE, in knowing that the total CompuCeed donation from our Compumatrix Community will be accepted and publically acknowledged by the World Kindness Community ~ In turn contributing to the further global acceptance of the Compumatrix Virtual Currency.
  5. And last but not least, the World Kindness Movement.

The Cosmos ~ To be continued

The slogan for World Kindness Day might well be ‘Healing the World’ ~ Even in the smallest gesture of kindness therein lies the possibility of creating something so intrinsically wholesome, that the warmth of this healing energy will be felt by both the giver and receiver. In turn the beneficial effects on thousands of individual people will create the ‘ripple’ of healing that will be virtually endless.

My next article on the World Kindness Movement will refer to the many responses to the article on the Compumatrix Blog as well as the Cosmos: Used as the feature image of this article because this simple flower has come to symbolise the great spirit of humanitarian unity.


Compumatrix is a global, multinational, web technologies Company based in Las Vegas, Nevada, which develops solutions focusing on social media monetization, crowd funding, digital currency, digital marketing, financial technologies, payment systems and other online solutions. 

Alison Lee Cousland brings all her creative skills and passion to her current position at Compumatrix, supporting the vision of Henry James Banayat: That every individual, given the opportunity to use their own special talents, can turn what they do best into a sustainable source of online income. 

BannerSnack: Part 1.

What was it?

The banner was so simple, almost banal, that I wonder now what it was about it that brought my attention to it.

Was it the colour? I do love orange. But light and bright pure spectral orange, like the brilliance you see after you have gazed at the sun at dawn with your eyes closed ~ And this banner was a rather dullish muted shade of orange. Subtly attractive, although not super-duper eye-catchingly so.

Was it the simplicity of the design? There were absolutely no images. And I’m always drawn to images ~ Images of pristine clarity, images that reflect beauty and nature, as well as those that are more obscure and tend to arouse even more curiosity.

Was it the style of the text? Simple and easy to read ‘Arial.’ While some may say ‘boring, boring’ ~ It’s always so much easy to take in the actual meaning of text when it can be read at a glance. Accordingly simple, non-serif and fine typefaces have always been my preference ~ Particularly on banners where the content needs to be instantly recognizable.

Thus the style of the text played a very important role in enticing me to ‘investigate’ the product this banner was promoting further. But it wasn’t JUST the style. What was it?

In the end: I saw that it was the actual wording that really piqued my interest:

‘Flash and HTML banners made easy. No coding.’

The BannerSnack banner

I had seen the BannerSnack banner before on the Compumatrix Portal, but at the time I had been so absorbed in the activity of buying  Compumatrix Virtual Prepaid Cards that I had hardly noticed it ~ And yet seeing it again now, something ‘recognized’ it and wanted to find out more.

Ever since I started working online I have been observing all the different types of Banner Advertising we have become so accustomed to seeing on websites everywhere. Being an artist, I’m attracted to professional graphic design as an art in itself and although I’ve designed static banners with Photoshop, I still hadn’t ~ As yet, designed any dynamic ‘Flash’ banners.

Here was my chance: A Banner Maker where no coding was needed to make Flash and HTML banners.

To be continued

In another article I will relate how I joined BannerSnack as a free member in order to experiment with the BannerSnack tools ~ And how I created the banner that you can now see as the Featured Image of this article.


Compumatrix is a global, multinational, web technologies Company based in Las Vegas, Nevada, which develops solutions focusing on social media monetization, crowd funding, digital currency, digital marketing, financial technologies, payment systems and other online solutions. 

Alison Lee Cousland brings all her creative skills and passion to her current position at Compumatrix, supporting the vision of Henry James Banayat: That every individual, given the opportunity to use their own special talents, can turn what they do best into a sustainable source of online income.